Dream Cars

After years of internal conflict, I've finally settled on Read more

How To Tell If You're a Basic Bitch

I'm not generally a huge fan of College Humor, Read more

Recipes For When "She" Mad: Lemon Basil Chicken

Every guy should know how to cook.  There's really Read more

Tisk Tisk Tisci...

This week Ricardo Tisci, Creative Director at Givenchy (God Read more

Prepster Punked

  I always feel like I witness the strangest things. Read more

A-Z of Dance: Diesel’s Jogg Jeans

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Diesel’s pushing their relatively new line of jogg jeans in an awesome new video. If you’re not familiar, jogg jeans are jeans with a ton of elastic in them. Doesn’t sound novel, but I have a pair, and they’re amazingly comfortable. They feel like sweat pants. You can literally go jogging in them, hence the name. Don’t believe you can go jogging in jogg jeans? Diesel presents evidence to the contrary.

Dream Cars

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After years of internal conflict, I’ve finally settled on my dream car combo. I know, you’re relieved. My wife will be too. These are the only two cars I need, and I can drive them for the rest of my life. We’re probably looking at close to a million dollars for me to be have both, but this would be it. They’re both timeless classics, updated with modern technology.

Icon D90

The Land Rover Defender 90 has been my unicorn for 20 years. The price hasn’t dropped since Landrover stopped importing them, but they are older cars. So you really can’t drive them a ton, and you’re probably looking at one for your third or fourth car. You need a reliable SUV, a daily driver, a sports car, and then you can think about a Defender soft top. It takes two people like 45 minutes to put the top on, they’re not reliable, it should really sit in your garage for the rare days you want to drive it. Icon has completely modernized one though, and its amazing. The list is too long to mention, so watch the video for specs. This was a custom job, and the price is unknown, but I’d guess $200k plus for them to make you one.

Singer 911

The 911 is a timeless classic in its own right, and frankly, I’ll happy drive any 911 ever made, without any modernizing. Except the 996 (1998-2004) of course. That boxster-ish abomination won’t find its way into my drive way. Although if you want a good deal on a 911 that’s the way to go right now. Singer, has taken the best of the air-cooled 911s, and completely revamped it. Styling from the 70s, chassis from the 90s, and completely modern tech through-out. Even most of the body panels are custom, you’re pretty much just keeping the chassis, doors, and engine. You’re STARTING at $350k here, and that number gets a lot higher, really quickly depending on how you configure. Oh, and that doesn’t include the actual care. You have to send them a 964 911 – which has become pretty expensive and pretty hard to find. Guess why?

Its hard to say anything is ever perfect. These cars…are perfect. Could you get a new G Wagon and Aston Martin for less than have the price? Sure. They couldn’t hold a candle to these though. Plus they’re value would just plummet, and in five years you’d hate them anyway. These cars, I would drive forever.


How To Tell If You’re a Basic Bitch

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I’m not generally a huge fan of College Humor, but this is both hilarious, and instructional. Don’t be basic.

Also let’s not forget the words of the illustrious 2 Chain: “If yo girl don’t swallow kids, man, that ho basic….”

Recipes For When “She” Mad: Lemon Basil Chicken

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Every guy should know how to cook.  There’s really no excuse, you know, with YouTube and all.  When you piss off your girl, and at the end of a week in the dog house without hot meals you look like one of those starving kids in a third world country, that’s all you son.  A true renaissance man should know how to do it all.  Thank goodness for my good friend Ky’Leigh for sharing her delicious man-proof recipes.  They’re easy enough for a beginner, but the end product will definitely wow!  Follow Ky’Leigh on IG for amazing food tips, and look out for her upcoming food blog. Doesn’t hurt that she’s hot either…



Ky’Leigh aka Diana P. @dianaprincebych


Diana P's Lemon Basil Chicken

Fresh chicken parts (of your choice) 
1 tube basil paste 
2 tbsp garlic paste (optional) 
Two lemons 
¼ cup olive oil 
1 tsp kosher salt 
1 tsp black pepper 
2 large baking sheets 

Preheat oven at 365 degrees. Place chicken parts in a large bowl. Squeeze lemons into bowl, add the entire tube of basil paste, two tablespoons of garlic paste, salt and pepper. Add the olive oil last to allow the other ingredients to season the chicken, before the olive oil coats the meat. Once all elements have been added to the bowl of chicken, mix with the chicken until all is evenly distributed. You may also mix in a large Ziploc bag if you prefer or should you choose to mix and marinate ahead of time. Once completely mixed, place your chicken on your baking sheet. Place the pieces on the sheet at least an inch apart. Spacing will allow the chicken to roast which will allow the skin to crisp. Once all of the chicken has been placed on the sheet, use the left over mixture to coat each piece. Coat each piece separately. Avoid pouring the mixture onto the sheet. The excess will burn and not allow the skin to crisp, as desired. Once your chicken has been placed in the oven, allow it to cook for the duration, 20 – 25 minutes, without being disturbed. Do not turn over or baste. As ovens may vary, check your chicken to see if it appears to be done. For the last three minutes or so, turn on the broiler to give the chicken a crispy finish, if it has not browned to your satisfaction. This will also seal in the juices. Once removed from the oven, you may finish with a light sprinkle of salt, fresh parsleyand serve with lemon wedges. Enjoy! 


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“Never half ass two things.  Whole ass one thing…”

–Ron Swanson



Tisk Tisk Tisci…

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This week Ricardo Tisci, Creative Director at Givenchy (God bless you), joined with Nike to release a line of shoes.  I’ve kept silent until now, but I feel like I have no choice other than to speak out.  Basically what I’m trying to say is that…well, the shit is ugly. People are actually spending money on Air Force tennis shoes, which are selling on eBay now for upwards of $700 that look like, well shit.  I’m not quite sure how Tisci and team looked at any of the shoes released and said, “I think this is a good body of work”.  Stevie Wonder could have designed better.  I try to refrain from pointing out other’s flaws, but we’ve seen another one of Tisci’s lapses in judgement when he sent the pregnant Kim Kardashian down the MET Gala red carpet in this…




If I would have found out that Jesus Christ himself designed this, I would have to find a diplomatic way to tell him that this was unacceptable.  This is what happens when you have a team of “yes people”.  ”Doesn’t this look fabulous?” Yes.  ”Don’t you love me?”  Yes.  ”Could you fetch me a bottle of water?”  Yes.  ”Do you like to be fisted?” Yes.  I’m not that guy, I have too strong of an opinion.  I swear 80% of the people on Tisci’s team went home tell their significant others how ugly that shit was.  Alright Tisci, count this as two strikes…







Prepster Punked

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I always feel like I witness the strangest things.  Most days I feel like I’m on ‘PUNK’D', and actually look around for a camera crew–this shit can’t be real life, but it is.  Others can go through a full day without anything weird happening at all, but me? Nah.  I’m guessing its something my energy attracts.  Besides group texting my besties, now I’ve found a place to showcase the peculiar things I encounter, www.hadonejob.comBasically people upload their strange finds, we see it, we laugh.  Actually, the site serves a duel purpose for me, it serves as entertainment, as well as an online support group.  You mean I’m NOT the only one who sees crazy shit?  I’m not alone after all.  Visit the site for daily uploads, and check out a couple of my favorites below.


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Shit You Should Be Listening To: BEA Breadwinner

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We really don’t know much about BEA, besides that her voice is captivating.  Her new single ‘Breadwinner’ is perfection.  The single will be available for download on iTunes March 27th, but listen to it here until then.


Travel In Style with me and My J. Crew

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Travel season is almost upon us (unless you’ve already escaped this arctic hell), and there’s no other way to travel than in style.  The number one style tip I’d offer is to be comfortable.  There’s nothing worse than wearing something constricting on a plane.  It’s not like its that easy for you to get up and go change.  Also, style doesn’t have to be compromised for comfort.  Film Director Casey Neistat, shows us just that in a new video he produced for J. Crew.  The video showcases the company’s Ludlow Traveler suit–a comfortable and stylish suit constructed with three-ply wool from Italy’s renowned Lanificio di Tollegno mill.  Cool Video.  Wish I could travel this way…



Film Director Casey Neistat in J. Crew’s Ludlow Traveler suiting.

Uncle Karl Loves Emojis

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If you’re not obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld, something is seriously wrong with you.  That man shits gold nuggets as far as I’m concerned.  He’s keeping the cool coming with a new app with emojis of well, himself (and a few of his favorite things).  You can can copy the emojis to your clipboard (pronounced like “surfboart”), or send them through social networking sites like Facebook and “Le Twitta”.  Some may call it narcissistic, but if I could do it, I would.  He’s the only man that can go to a Halloween party as himself.  Gotta love it.  Download EmotiKarl here…


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